~Ola 2011~

Salam tahun baru buat semua!!

after nearly half a year of silence..
i'm back again with some wonderful news to be kept
in this precious blog aka diary of mine

Starting this year i'll try to update my blog more frequently

i'm gonna begin with 2010 flashback starting from the last entry

june 10 - august 10~celebrate 1st anniversary in dubai for 1 week
~back to malaysia with series of holidays
~my family transfer from kuantan to gerik
~done my electives course in HKB

September 10~begin my 6th year aka final year life in JUST,Jordan
with Paediatrics rotation

November 10~begin my second rotation Obstetric&gynaechology
~abang came to Jordan and celebrate abang's 26th b'day on 13th
~unexpectedly return to Malaysia with abang during Eidul Adha
for 2weeks

~26th november~new episodes of our life..will blog about it later

December 10 ~my life totally change


January 2011~begin my 3rd rotation Internal Medicine

erm i think that's it for now.

till later~


eisya layyinan said…
thanx muneer
all the best to u too!