~live from dubai & officially finished 5th year~

Salam semua

Berlintas lansung dari Jabal Ali,Dubai..

and currently alone in the hotel while hubby away for work..

seems like im gonna be a "tegar" blogger for these becoming 2weeks
and maybe afterwards
since i'm gonna spent my 6th year's elective course plus holidays for nearly 2months
in Our beloved country~Malaysia

yeay for me!

tamatlah sudah segala final exam tahun 5 yang penuh onak duri
i think it was the worst final exams ever among my past medical years.
sekarang ni tengah berdebar2 nak tunggu markah keluar pulak.

i've arrived Dubai International airport approximately at 12.30midnight.
even though its only a 3 hours journey
it still felt like ages because
i was so impatient to meet my darling hubby after 3 and half months of separation.
but it worth a wait because we'll get to spend 2weeks together honeymoon'ing
i was welcomed with a lovely Red Rose by abang last night
so sweet of him ayte?

since it was midnight..
i dont get to see the real Dubai yet.

amazingly i was brightly awake since 5a.m this morning
despitebeing lack of sleep this past few days.

i had a quite early breakfast then send abg off to work
it's quite awkward to have nothing to do
after the whole nearly 3weeks being tunggang terbalik with the study stuff

like seriously mati kutu tak tahu nak wat ape.

nak pergi jalan2 pon it still too early.
so i pon menggodek2 la blog ni
and surprisingly i just knew that blogspot dah upgrade their blogtemplate..
it is quite nice and friendly user i can say
especially for someone like me yang asal boleh sajor bab IT ni..

oklah peeps..
looks like it's already 10.30 am..
i think its nice time for sightseeing
nak shopping foodstuff for lunch since we have small kitchen in this room
so nice laaa.

owh yes..
we're so excited to get to meet each other and forgot to snap a pic at the airport lastnight
but macam tak complete jer an entry without a pic right?

so here a pic that abang had captured before

~burj al-dubai from far away~

i'll upload a lot later ok..

till later