~final exam mode~

Salam all
blog ni ala2 hidup segan mati tak mahu je gayenye sekarang kan
i'm just gonna post a short entry today

final is just around the corner
tinggal satu je lagi midterm Exam
which is Family Medicine on this tuesday
the last OSCE of "this year"..
i mean 5th year
bln dpn da masuk 6th year act
but im gonna be in Malaysia doing my 2months elective

before that,
gonna have to go through non-stop 11 postings for final exam
cam zaman SPM plak..
but this time worse because toooo much to be read
hopefully i'll do it fine!
pray for me k !
and all the best to my frends who r also in the same shoe!
may success always be ours

for those who didnt know yet..i already bought my dream oven atlast
stress punye pasal!

till then..