double pan pizza supreme le layyinan + blog contest

Salam All
as i said in previous entry..
doh tu kan serbaguna..
so disebabkan i'm too lazy to proceed with the pau things
i made a pizza instead
though banyak je barang for pizza yg xcukup
i juz replace it with what ever i already have

like spread cheese instead of mozarrela
2pieces of salami
2pieces of crabstick
baby tomato
chillie sauce for the base
n zaatar,salt n blackpaper

but it still turn out awesome

n million thnx to ms.deloq for letting me use the oven!
len kali bole gune lagi

so hear i present u

tadi ter bace blog dr Faryn ade lucky visitor contest
this is my 1st time ever trying to join such contest
since i like n always jenguk her blog
who knows im lucky rite?
Miracles Do Happens Part 11