~Hiatus no more~

Salam All

kembali bersiaran setelah sekian lama menyepi
saja je private blog ni buat sementara waktu sebab
takde mase
(plus a little malas even ade mase n takde mood nak menaip)
nak update blog sejak masuk 5th year ni

tak sangka akan sesibuk ni this year..

pejam celik da nak habis 6 rotation

dan dah sebulan without abang by my side..



i'm still contented with my life now.



harini baru rasa in the mood to update..

i'm so in love with my current rotation which
is Forensic..
ala-ala CSI gitu..
not that i love working with cadaver itself..

well u know with the smell n whatnot...

but i like the materials which are easy for my brain to
understand n memorized

plus alots n lots of free holidays..

which is the most
impotant part honestly..

As today is my sis YANI 22nd birthday..

i wish you more happiness, success and blessings in your life onwards..
Sila study betul-betul balek Malaysia nanti..
Show people what u have n never give up!
hope that i give u enough
"train" here..


so many things happened to me these days..

and so many things to write here for remembrance..

but i need to stop here
exam forensic hari khamis ni dah..

the same day yani will depart back to Malaysia
dapat hantar kat mujamma' Amman je la..
the rest mintak tolong Aiman because die takde klas
khamis ni..
thanx yer!

till later..



f a i z a h 's said…
salam...wah setelah sekian lama menyepi kini kembali~! :D since masa kawen arituh kn? anyway all the best utk exam2 yg bakal dihadapi... all the best utk utk sume jgk~
eisya layyinan said…
wslm..yup..bz sjk balek joden ni..baru free sket skrg..next 2 wiks bz blk kot..thnx for ur wishes..