~flying back home on our 2nd months anniversary~

Salam everybody

1st of all

Happy 2nd month anniversary Sayang !


so glad that i'll be coming home again

exactly on our memorable date..

tomorrow i'll be safely in your arms InsyaAllah

wait for me at the arrival k my dear!

hip~hip hurray!!

let's dance everybody!!

the time has come at last!

tak sabarnye nak fly..

will be flying with my buddies

~gba,deloq n sumi with

Kuwait Airways on 12.20pm

and estimated to arrive on 1.20 pm Malaysia time tomorrow

transit lame gak tuu

tapi maybe dpt hotel so no worries..


excited sampai rase takle nak tido.

tido lam flight sudeh!

and last but not least..

pray for our safe journey u guys!

till then...
see u!