~my wish~

salam all

i was hardly can sleep lately..
especially throughout diz week..

even i was indeed so exhausted
of the so-called office hour classes..

and even i did try putting myself on bed

as soon as i reached home
to juz have a nice n rest sleep..

but in the end..

my mind juz couldnt stop working..

keep on thinking n wondering
keep on wisihing n praying so hard..

over n over again..

making my eyes widely open..

despite of laying over my cozy bed

under d warm comforter..
with d light swicthed-off..
for something that i'm eagerly...
dying cant wait for..

which is...

an awesome gud words coming from my dad..
how i really wish the day will come soon..

so that

i can at last...
rest my mind in peace..

and calm my soul down..


do help me !

im so tired of all this unassured things..
all the hopes..

and all the dreams im dying for..
i realllyy need this to stop..
with a
good ends of course!