~trip to amman~

(pas abes exam~off to 4th yr)

aritu kate nk cite psl adventure pas exam tu kan..
tp xle nk upload pics cz terlupe nk amek camera dari deloq..
so postpone je la dlu..
dats y i've to post out psl purse ilang tu dulu..
which occur 2 days after coming back frm the trip..
it more to shopping trip than adventure one..
sbbnye..plan sbnr nk tour amman..
adek kak suzan,taiseer tgh final exam..
so xle nk stay lame2 kat rmh diorg bcz we dun want to disturb her..
besides its her final year..
and she want us to wait for her cz she want to join us too..
so next moday i'll go to amman again..
but diz time alone cz deloq has sumting to do.
sgt malang cz my memory card kne virus sebaik saje msk lam laptop..
byk gak gambar yang rosak...
ni pon baru pas reformat laptop for the 1st time by myself.
tenet pon xsehat blk da kebelakangan ni..
penat nk install blk sume bende..
nak upload pics pon lamer giler