~off for a new adventure~

im so excited right now..
tomorrow gonna be our last paper which is..
food preservation..
dun finish my readings yet..
cz been busy planning wat to do
tommorow wif Diloq....
juz after finishing our exam..
off to amman we go..
gonna spend maybe few days there..
i'll be staying at kak Suzan's house.
so lucky that she still studying here.
will take a lotz n lotz of pics insyaallah..

it seems ages since i last do diz kind of things..
the last time i remember did it
was with kak Shood n kak Keym..
i mizz them a lot..
now that they have already finished their housemenship..
And kak Keym also has been married to her Mr keyrol..
and Kak Shood gonna follow her step soon..

time fly so fast right??

well..wish me luck k peeps..
and pray 4 our safety..
till laterr..