~miracle alwayz happens~subhanallah

what a great miracle
happen to me today..

thanx to Allah the Almighty..

i was coming home from downtown(BALAD) with mariam
with a taxi this evening..
it was quite late and
i was being so rushed
bcz i want to quickly go home to do my asar prayer ..
i thought i've put back my purse inside my handbag.
i was thinking of buying a topup card
since the store was right behind me
and suddenly i realized my purse wasnt inside it.
i quickly rushed outside but the taxi has gone..
i was kind of blurred.
but deep inside i still feel calm like it would be fine..
i kind of having an instinct that i will have it back.
i quickly told some of the men who always sitting in front of the store
to inform me incase the taxi driver come back to that place
cz i really have a good feeling that the driver is a nice guy..
it was hardly rare to find a very honest driver around here..
i knew it bcz he was very sincere of telling us the fare so many times.
like he was trying to convince us that he wouldnt cheat on us like others..
i then rushed upstairs and buzzing abang's ym since he was waiting for me
and he told me to go to the police station to make a report.
it was lucky to speak to him bcz
i haven't think about it before
since all i was thinking about is to pray 1st.
then i kind of burst into tears..
i was actually pushing myself to be panic bcz i felt stranged why i was being so calm.
i prayed so hard juz for 2 things..
i hope the taxi driver would realize about my purse
bcz it was behind at the passengers seat..
and i really wish in case
there was a passenger right after me is also a nice a person.
after that..
i made calls to some of my male friends to ask which police station should i go.
luckily my malaysian id wasnt inside it.
but my iqamah(residence card) ,student card,licence,bank cards n jd2oo plus(which is nearly rm1000) cash was inside it(i was juz withdraw it from the bank in balad)..
i prayed so had that they would return it intactly.
then after i've done with maghrib's prayer,
we quickly went to the police station in downtown.
unfortunately ..
we've went to the wrong station and the officer told me to go to the other station.
we quickly take a taxi ..
and while inside it i told najibah i kind of having a great instinct dat i will get it back.
i really hope that juz after we arrive there,
the purse was intactly and already at the officer's desk..
And with my full surprise...

it was really happening

i was so grateful and nearly burst into tears..
no words can be said how grateful i am that moment..
i felt like doing a "sujud syukur" right away
but it kind of inappropriate
since i was surrounded by so many male officers..

they were also quite shocked bcz i get my purse intactly.
they knew this kind of situation rarely happen.

..with that great amount of money..

who woundnt have want it except people with pure heart right??

i say alhamdulillah so many times..

it was a very great miracle..


and it indeed teach me a very good lesson for not being careless anymore..

'semoga allah murahkan rezeki semurah-murahnya

kepada pakcik tu dan sesiapa saje yang terlibat dan selamatkan mereka dunia akhirat.


flying heart said…
rarely happen... true indeed.. alhamdulillah..
niaarasis said…
miracles happen everyday, everywhere :D
eisya layyinan said…
flying heart..

dats wat i alwayz believe..