~ape2 je la~

tatau nak tulis ape.
tp tgn ni gatai je nak nulis..
im gonna finish all my summer classes diz wik
since the final exam will start on August 10th..
then 13th n end on 14th..
but diz summer sem sgt relax woo..
mentang2 satu subjek wajib je which is medical psychiatry..
mmg psycho abes r once u study it..
len2 tu subjek xmsk pointer diz year but did help to
improve my cgpa 4 d whole 6 yrs course..
like it or not i still have to do my best for it..
luckily both are easy subjects..
only that..food has becoming a bit boring
when d' 2nd exm material started
yg final lagi laa..
has to go through about the unseen micro creatures again..
which i've already learnt since 2nd year
but never been memorized properly..
nmpk sgt xberminat ngn makhluk2 halus itu kan??
diz is not that "makhluk halus"okeyh..
its juz sumting dat cant be seen wif naked eyes laa..
scientist rarely believe about those things arent they?..
ok la..sok da stat klas blk..
need to start my study..
ape laa asyek tgk cite jer ni..
3 movies since yesterday..
thnx to kedai cd Ahram bawah rmh ku ni..
pakcik kdi tu pon da familiar wif my face..
xpe pakcik ..
u bakal kaya la starting next 2 wik..
cz i'll become ur regular customer soon...
kasik discount banyak2 okies!
till then..

~gambar hiasan~
(lambang me miz MALAYSIAN food so much!)