Salam y'all!
waa..at last baru baru dapat kembali ke alam blogging..
it seems ages since i wrote in here..
bukan diri ini sengaje nak mengenepikan dirimu wahai blogku..
tapi..apakan daya...
ko terpaksa menjadi mangsa keadaan..
i know i've promised to update once i've reached Malaysia tercinta..
tapi..bile da smpi mesia tu mmg xde mase nak jenguk tenet da..
besides.. i only have 3 wiks to spend there..
Wallahi..it's been the greatest...historical hols ever since 3 years being in Jordan..
(name pon dok Joden..hehe..da terikut care diorg ckp la..)
it's not that i've never been back to Malaysia before..
except that..my last hols has moved me a step further..
creating a new chapter of my life..
it's all what i can say..
thank you Allah for being so generous and kind to me..
My life is getting better day by day since then..
terasa segala penat jerih yang aku tempuhi selama ni..
begitu bermakna dan berbaloi..
And Now..i've been back to Jordan for a month oready..
tapi still xle nak masuk sini until today..
tenet bermurah ati plak nak bg can meluahkan perasaan kat sini..
seems like i need to start to learn blogging again now
cause i will gradually loose my private diary soon..
sedey..tapi xpe..its for our own good kan..
aku terpakse merelakannya..
besides..distance make heart grows fonder..
doesnt it??
semoga Allah lindungi dan pelihara iman dia selalu..
walau di mana pon dia berada..
~i'm sure gonna miz u though~
insyaallah we'll be together soon..

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