i hate diz blog..
juz after i've made up my mind to move..
i've finally able to log in after nearly a month of trial!
stupid blog!
stupid...slowish internet!
pardon me 4 saying diz!
juz cudnt help it!

im having a very lame n boring winter break right now.
its been nearly 2 wiks n nothing much have been done..
luckily its gonna over next wik..
really looking forward to start my new 2nd sem..
i've done quite well last sem but still can do better..
never mind then...
juz need to improve n get higher result next sem!

yet..the snow did light up our holidays as it falls twice last month!
quite a wonderful experience i can say..
cz diz is the 1st time it fall at our place~irbid~after 3 years of waiting..
once juz after we've finished our final GIT exam..
a special gift 4 us i guess..
and another is at the end of january.

~snowy picture gift 4 mama's birthday~

last friday~1st feb~ was my Mom's 50th birthday.
i've made fun of her by saying happy Jubli Emas MAMA..
luv u so much!
semoga panjang umur,dimurahkan rezeki n dikuatkan iman untuk beribadat kepadaNya!
we dun really have a long chat since she was busy packing stuff cz
they're going to attend my cousin's wed in Jb.

honestly~im so messy right now~like my brain juz gonna explode~n i barely cudnt handle my emotion..
so..do forgive me in advance if anybody's ever hurt by my words or behaviour nowadays!


Anonymous said…
yeah pretty boring holiday right. well, at least you have good friends to share it with XD
eisya layyinan said…
quite lucky for that..
but sum people juz dun really appreciate wat they already had..

sumtimes i feel trouble to trust people around here cz sum of them r backstabbers..

after all the trust n sincerity we've put on them...
arasis said…
bestnye main snow!!