~after awhile~

it's been awhile since i last update.
and again..
of course due to the weak connection making me lose d mood to write.
the weather in jordan is still gloomy n freezing..
i really wish the winter season will end soon.
but it seems that it still been snowing in some place today including Amman.

hurm..i think i've experienced an earthquake 4 the 1st time here in jordan.
i was sleeping after watching movies that afternoon and suddenly i was awaked by a little shaking of my bed.
i thought i was half-dreaming,so i just continued my sleep.
then the next day,while having dinner..tehah asked me did i feel the tremble n i said yes..
she said that was an earthquake..
some of our friends also felt it..
im quite shocked cz never thought dat it will aso happen here..

gee...lucky me its not that worst..n nothing bad happened.

It is nearly the end of 2nd wik of my 2nd sem..
diz sem i'll be taking :

Urogenital system (urinary + genital)
Central Nervous system 1
Central Nervous system 2
Medical Ethics
Health Administration system

And currently,i'm in the middle of urinary system.
its quite an easy system i guess
not too much readings to do...yet..hehe..

hope i can do better diz semester..
before going back to Malaysia 4 a big mission...
huhu..so cuaks 4 that..
hope Allah will help n ease me..

wanna wish a Hepi belated birhtday to Bessy.
Actually i've been trying to post a special entry for her on her birthday..
but the Slowish internet stopped me.
and alhamdulillah it's recovered today.

dunno wat else to write..
till later..