~back to normal ~

has my life back to normal i guess..

went to amman yesterday to settle all d' 2nd trip tickets..

then off to mecca mall for chinese flavor n visit my friend in suwaileh..

she just delivered a baby girl name Rayyan last wik..

so Rayyan is only 7 days aged..


so cute..like a babydoll..

hurm..she's a winter baby..abesla mama n abi die kene

pasang aircond bile blk mesia nnt..

i think my mind is all cleared now..

need to arrange my study timetable carefully since our final

exam for d 1st sem is juz around d corner..

10 jan 2008 = Endorine system (mid term)

13 jan 2008 =Endocrine system (final)

17 jan 2008 = Gasterointestinal System (final)

21 jan 2008 = muculoskeletal system (final)

wish me luck k guys!!