~here in jordan again~

act,i've been here for 2 wiks already..
not really in d mood to write..cz i've already got sumting more exciting to do..

juz dunno who i am anymore...
its not dat i hate wat's hapenning to me now..
its juz sumting dat i've never expect to be..

well..as we all know...
lyfe is very unpredictable..
no matter how hard u avoid it..it'll still come back to u..
maybe bcz it was already meant 4 u..

juz cudn't stop lying n denying to myself anymore..
it'so painful n tiring to hide..

no matter wat people think...no matter wat i've said b4..

telan sajer laa..
da xle nak wat ape da..
naseb la badan..
xsemua bende yang berlaku tu macam yg kiter nak..
at least i've tried my best..
maybe ade hikmahnyer..

"a begining,an end,the start of sumting new,
an end of the lies..
there they are out in the open..."

juz cudnt hide it no more..
juz hopin dat god will forgive n bless us!!