loosin' ma mind???

y i owezz do sumtin crazy...??
sumting dat really unpredictable..
owez lyk diz..
people wud say dat i owez make such a hurry decision..
but i juz doin wat i think d best 4 me..
n 4 others too..
i owez do wat i say rite??
n never regret bout it b4..
once i've set ma mind..n dats it...
full-stop..n no turning back...
but still..deep inside ma heart..i felt guilty..im not dat cruel to easily hurting others..
im juz feel a little bit scared to tell d truth which im afraid will hurt others..
huhuhu..o ALLAH wat shud i tell them??/
plz...permudahkanla urusan ku..
mdh2an diorg sumer memahami..